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connects two worlds in music:


   The first - is the Carpathian Mountain world – lasting from time immemorial, mysterious and severe. World full of symbols and meanings, old beliefs and traditions, and many wonderful cultures. Finally, it's the world rich in unique music drew extensively on the Carpathian “magical” and “fiery” energy.


The second world shapes the musical composition. It's the modern, musical imagination of Transkapela musicians accompanied with their creative search in the area of the music sources.

   The combination of the two worlds gives the intriguing, dynamic instrumental form in the end.

Transkapela makes the “melancholic Carpathians” confront with “Carpathian trans”.

The sound of the band with its out of the ordinary combination of archaic sound

 and modern form has an effect on imagination and emotions.

   Typical instruments for Carpathian cultures are being

 used therefore - besides legally binding fiddles and basses,

also Hutsul hammered dulcimer, Romanian  vioara cu goarna

(fiddle with trumpet), kavals from Transylvania, Serbian drums

 or ütőgardon (a “bit cello” from the region of Ghyimes)

   Transkapela consists of Polish musicians – different musical

 personalities, different artistic ways – from classical music,

 through rock, to jazz and folk,

but they all have one passion:

True forgotten world.








































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