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Folk music is a giant natural reserve of the Earthís energy.
Iíve been exploring for many years its new layers an many levels.
Tones, dynamism, instruments, musical cultures and traditions, people. These are sources from where I derive my vital powers and enjoyment of creation.
Music has surrounded me for a long time, in many forms: from rock and jazz to classical music.
Now, Iíve opened new container of musical energy of a very high potential.
Itís written on it:  TRANSKAPELA, and it is new, amazing experience.













  Robert Wasilewski
  Musician: Cimbalom(hammered dulcimer), viola, shepherds flutes, utogardon
  Creator and co-creator of bands: Transkapela, Nikifolk, Sielska Kapela Weselna, Village Quartet
  Author of lyrics, photographer, screenwriter.
  Member of Polish Association of Authors and Composers.
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